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Company profile

Rebar plant - Cor Metal

Cor Metal s.r.o. was founded in 2017, focusing on buying, selling, and processing scrap metal and concrete reinforcement. In 2018, we expanded our operations to include rebar cutting and bending and built our own plant in the village of Istebné (Dolný Kubín district) and equipped it with modern machinery. This enables us to guarantee highly accurate and rapid production. Bending and shearing of reinforcing steel is carried out to exact dimensions as per the project documentation.

Cutting and bending of reinforcing steel

The capacity of our bending plant is approximately 2000 tonnes per month, enabling us to satisfy customers with both small and large requirements. Throughout our existence, we have gained great experience in bending and laying reinforcing steel. Our team, consisting of experts in this field, has been working for many years in many countries of the European Union, including Slovakia.

Our company has its own fleet of trucks, which we use to deliver reinforcing steel to the agreed location exactly according to the agreed schedule.

We have a wealth of experience in the purchase of scrap metal and non-ferrous metals.


Need reinforcing steel for your construction?